The overuse of hand sanitizers can create health issues.

The FDA identified and recalled three more hand sanitizers that contain dangerous chemicals. The list of banned hand sanitizers was started in June 2020 and has grown to over 220 products.

Voluntary Recall Three new hand sanitizer products contain methanol. It is an alcohol used to make antifreeze. Shane Erickson, Inc. is the manufacturer. Detailed information is contained in The manufacturer of imc Wash Free Hand Sanitizer and Thrifty White Pharmacy Wash Free Hand Sanitizer are being voluntarily recalled.

Methanol, when ingested, can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, and permanent damage to the nervous system. Many hand sanitizer products use nanotechnology that expedites the transfer of chemicals through the layers of the skin directly into the body.

Handwashing All viruses have a molecular structure that can be destroyed by soap and water. Why do we have hand sanitizers? Probably convenience. People carried them prior to the pandemic, but not in the volume being used today.

Germs can leave your hands/fingers when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Food prepared with unwashed hands can be risky. People blowing their nose or coughing into their hands can transmit germs when contacting them or surfaces they touched.

What are the recommended times to wash your hands? Before, during, and after preparing foods and eating. Anytime you are around sick people. Every time you visit the restroom. The CDC lists several other times you should be wary of your situation and wash your hands. Click the link above for more detail.

Hand Sanitizing Dangers I have never been a proponent of hand sanitizers. I prefer not to use them. I am forced to use them when I visit certain hospitals. It is the protocol to enter the facility. I immediately go to the restroom and wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Occasional usage of a hand sanitizer is probably no big deal. That is not what is happening in our society today. People are overusing hand sanitizers. Excessive use of hand sanitizers, especially those that are alcohol-based, weakens the skin allowing minute cracks to form and provides a great opportunity for other infectious diseases to enter your body. Alcohol-based sanitizers are also flammable.

In addition to killing the viruses on your hands, many hand sanitizers use nanotechnology that allows toxins from the sanitizer solution/gel to enter the body more easily. Daily repeated usage dries and cracks the skin and can lead to rashes and irritation. If you must use a hand sanitizer, ensure that it contains no alcohol.

Hand Sanitizing Side Effects Overuse of hand sanitizers may see an increased risk of eczema, skin rashes, potential fertility issues, possible resistance to antibiotics, increased possibility of hormone problems, jeopardize your immune system, and more. These seem like severe risks from simply applying a hand sanitizer.

It is not the amount used each time you use a hand sanitizer, but the daily repeated use of it. It is like the extra donut (pick your favorite junk food) you eat with every meal. Over time, the extra calories add weight and fat to your body. The risk is increased dramatically when using alcohol-based products.


If you want to know what hand sanitizer products are on the non-approved list click on It is updated continually.

I do not use hand sanitizers and recommend to my audiences that they limit the use and switch to a non-alcohol type of product. If you really believe you are at risk, wear gloves. Why add an extra complication to your health?

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –



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